Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Sterling Vehicles Limited instead of a main dealer?

We provide un-bias advice from a wider range of products and services. Our hands aren’t tied to certain brands or finance methods, as we have many different routes for supply and funding. This allows us to explore the many available options and then tailor a contract to match your exact needs.

Who will supply the new vehicle and will it come with a warranty?

All vehicles are sourced through official vehicle manufacturers, motor groups and UK franchised dealerships. Vehicles are supplied with a full UK manufacturers warranty.

What are the length of the contracts that you have available?

Most contracts are 24-48 months but our available range can provide 12-60 months.

Is insurance included?

Insurance is not included in any contract we offer.

Is maintenance included?

Maintenance can be added to most contracts for an extra cost. Packages normally include servicing, and item replacement outside of warranty such as tyres and brakes. If your contract is longer than the manufacturers own warranty, a full maintenance contract can give piece of mind to cover that period at the end.

Does the vehicle need to be serviced by a main dealer?

That would be your choice, but be aware that with some manufacturers you may lose your breakdown cover. With most funders, servicing of the vehicles must be completed using genuine manufacturer parts and the service book must always stamped. Please check with us if you are unsure.

As a business user can I claim VAT?

That will depend on the vehicle and the usage. For example, with Contract hire of a Company car, the default VAT recovery is 50% of the VAT payable on each monthly rental (if used for both business and social). But where the government considers there to be a greater certainty of near total business use, a full 100% recovery may be available. If you are unsure then we would suggest that you contact your accountant to discuss. They will be able to help you decide on which type of contract suits your business best.

Why would I not just buy a new car?

With Contract hire and leasing you have the opportunity for fixed rentals whilst managing the vehicles depreciation over the fixed term. You will suffer no negative equity or encounter the usual costs associated with the sale/disposal of the vehicle. There will be no need to worry about negotiating a suitable part-exchange valuation either. If you work out the total cost of ownership for buying a new vehicle and compare, then you will be very surprised at how much you could save from leasing.

Do finance companies check credit history?

Once you have been provided with a suitable quotation and would like to proceed, you will be required to complete a finance proposal form.
Funders will check your credit history and will require a good to excellent credit score for the application to be accepted.

What initial rental is required?

In most cases this can be tailored to suit your budget. Basically the higher your initial rental, the lower the monthly rental.

Do I collect the vehicle?

We offer free UK delivery to nearly all mainland postcodes, and free collection at the end depending on the type of contract taken.

How are monthly rentals collected?

Monthly rentals are collected by direct debit

Can I add a private plate to the new vehicle?

That will require the funder’s permission, but in most cases this should be okay. If this is important please ask before proceeding with your order.

What happens if I exceed my pre-agreed mileage limit?

For most contract types an excess mileage charge will be advised at the quotation stage so that you can be aware in advance of potential charges. And in most instances you can amend your agreed mileage if your circumstances change, although your rental will obviously also change at such a time.

What happens at the end of the contract?

For contract hire and leasing the vehicle is handed back and you will have no further obligations. It is important to ensure that upon collection the vehicle is left in a reasonable condition with all keys and documentation, as charges can apply for loss of items and/or damage beyond BVRLA fair wear and tear standards (and exceeded mileage – see above). Your vehicle will be inspected before or upon collection and you may be required to sign a formal vehicle appraisal report.

Can I buy the car at the end of the agreement?

That will depend on the route of finance taken and sometimes whom the finance was through. If that is something you consider to be important, please ask.

What do I do if I have a Complaint?

If you a complaint please view our complaints procedure. Click here.